By Samantha Smith

Mount Saint Mary College in the town of Newburgh, New York, has incredible views of the Hudson River Valley, along with endless things to do and good vibes for all. 

The views of the mountains, along with sunrises and sunsets, can be seen from nearly every location on campus. The area off campus is great for nature walks, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It’s only five minutes from Beacon train station for a quick trip into the city or a bite to eat and shopping on Main Street. 

The students that are of age like to enjoy a few drinks at local breweries and wineries during the fall and springtime and spend weekends at bars all year round. There are several restaurants down at the waterfront that Mount students love to eat at, such as Hudson Taco, a BBQ spot Billy Joe’s, and Akasaka, a sushi restaurant that discounts Tuesdays.

Josh Laskowski, a math major and member of Student Government, says, “I am originally from Long Island and have been attending the Mount for four years now. I love the change of scenery from back home and enjoy hiking Mt. Beacon and having lunch at my favorite restaurant Hudson Taco on the weekends when I’m not doing school work.” 

You can travel just 25 minutes to the Woodbury Commons outlet mall for good deals. Another destination located on 17K and 300 is the TV show Orange County Choppers museum and bar, where you can look at the original motorcycles and purchase clothing and memorabilia. Not too far from that is Washington Headquarters State Historic Site, where you can view Washington’s room and learn about the Revolutionary War. 

Do you want to just relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the Hudson Valley? Look no further.