by Rebecca Gordils

There’s a new hair growth trend in China, that surprisingly has nothing to do with growing your hair.

Courtesy of USA News Today

Bean sprout hair clips, weird but admittedly adorable, are the newest hair accessory that “sprouted” in Beijing, China. The clips are actual bean sprouts, taking natural hair to a whole new level.

Courtesy of AliExpress

The perfect resemblance of the plant emoji, these adorable little clips give girls that one extra hair accessory option that they have been awaiting.

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They also reminded me of that guy from that Shel Silverstein poem, a great reminder to not judge other people’s fashion preferences.

Courtesy of Pinterest

They are available in tiny and adorable flower clips as well. These Chinese women sure know how to add “adorable” into their accessory wardrobe.

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Move over flower crowns, there’s a new botanical hair accessory to use. You can purchase some at