Sep 14, 2015

By Nicolette Roland


Courtesy of hoax-slayer.com

Agua, eau, acqua, wasser, voda, uisce, vatten, aigua, H2O, water. No matter how you say it or where it’s from, except the toilet, everyone knows that water is the best drink to have.

Water is the purest liquid on earth and everyone drinks it: humans, animals, and insects; sometimes our hair even sucks it in from the air surrounding us (hence the really bad frizzy hair days.) Water, being the purest drink on earth, does not always get the credit it deserves.

So, let’s make a change and give water credit by drinking more of it.  Water aids in weight loss. It keeps you hydrated so you won’t need to buy as much chap stick, it helps the shine in your hair, and of course, it helps you to maintain beautiful skin. So why wouldn’t you want to get as much as you can?

Sometimes other drinks promising us vitamins or extra energy can distract us from drinking what our bodies really need, or we don’t get enough of it. Well be distracted no more.

We are going to do the water challenge. This will be the September challenge, but if you can try to keep it going for the next months to come. Try to drink a gallon of water a day. If it is too much for you at first, try a few days where you only drink half a gallon, and have a cup of water before you eat any meals. By the end of this challenge you will see a huge difference and feel different.

If plain water is hard for you to drink try adding some mint leaves, lime, oranges, lemons, or even berries for added flavor. Also, there are many available detox water recipes on the internet. Pick one and do what taste best for you. Good Luck!!