by Johanna Seidel

Picture this: you walk into class on Monday morning, tired, coffee in hand, dreading the start to another week. You sit down and your teacher begins to lecture. Semi-awake, you are trying to jot down as much as you can comprehend, but then, something that catches your eye completely robs any attention you were devoting to listening. Your professor begins breastfeeding while teaching class!

I’m sure most college students cannot say that they have ever seen this happen. However, students at American University have quite an unusual conversation starter. Adrienne Pine, an American University Professor made headlines after an unusual first day of class. It just so happened that her child was sick on the day she was scheduled to begin the class, and so she brought her baby to class. As the infant became fussy, she began breastfeeding while continuing her lecture.

The students’ responses to this professor’s actions were widely split. Many believe that because breastfeeding is a natural process it was fine to do in public. Others were empathetic due to the fact that the baby was sick and needed to be fed. On the opposite end, some students were rather shocked because they feel breastfeeding is something to be done in a private setting.

The Mount Messenger’s most recent poll question, “Do you believe breastfeeding is acceptable in public?” generated a response that was largely split, just like the students’ responses from American University. 52% of those who answered the poll believe that breastfeeding in public is acceptable; leaving a close 48% thinking it is unacceptable. These numbers are so close that it would be interesting to consider what would happen if a professor here at Mount Saint Mary College decided to breastfeed during class. Now that is food for thought!

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