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By: Tori Kuhr

Dating apps are nothing new, but a fresh concept of connecting through things disliked instead of liked is pushing people’s interests.

Originally, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble connected people with similar interests. Instead, “Hater” connects people by what they hate. Like other dating apps, it asks a series of questions in the beginning to get to know the user. You can swipe in one of four directions depending on if you like, love, dislike or hate the topic.

One problem: it may not lead to everlasting love. Hater may stand out in the market, but how many people can actually find a life partner based on things they hate?

The app came out Feb. 8, with the purpose of trying to find a companion in a new, fun way. It was created as a joke, but then it started becoming successful. Designers of Hater hope to earn more than a million members by the middle of the month.

Since people generally dislike the same things, Hater attempts to match people by what they passionately hate instead of what they passionately love.

The one thing Hater discourages is negative behavior. The app has a strict one strike policy about banning people whose behavior is out of control.

One may argue relationships should be built upon similar morals and interests; that they are strengthened from mutual positivity. At this rate, relationships may unwantedly grow in the opposite column – negativity.