By: Brianna Bosco

Have you ever considered living in another country? What about taking classes towards your degree while living in that country? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider studying abroad. During this past summer I studied abroad in London, England, and since it was the best experience of my life, I want you to study abroad too.

I spent the entire month of June living in London; I experienced everything this amazing city has to offer and received six credits towards my degree. From getting to see Big Ben every day to spotting the entire Royal Family at Buckingham Palace–it’s something I will never forget. Now, I am interning for CAPA The Global Education Network, the program provider for my trip, and I get to relive my experience every time I talk about it.

Here at the Mount our International Programs office can help you choose the perfect program. As an example, CAPA has locations in London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Shanghai, Dublin and Florence. Other program providers can send you anywhere you can dream about. There are semester, summer, and full-year programs available for you to take advantage of. No matter what your major is there is a program that will work so you can finish your degree on time.

While studying abroad you will develop real-world skills. You will be adding a booster to your resume all while improving on your professional development. Future employers will see you have a global mindset and that you can add something unique to their company.

When you come back from studying abroad you will gain a new sense of independence, since you have to do everything for yourself when you are thousands of miles from home. I promise that when your adventure comes to an end, you will be a changed person for the better. I now have this new confidence in myself that was never there before studying abroad.

Since you’ve just been traveling the world, you are going to have memories that will last for a lifetime. Missing your host city or new home is very common, and trust me: you will be researching flights to go back, as I’ve been searching myself. Every time you look back at your pictures and souvenirs you will feel so proud of yourself for accomplishing this amazing journey you’ve just experienced.

Now that you’ve thought about your life abroad, it is time to start planning and meeting with the International Programs office. Do some research, figure out where you want to go, what types of classes you can take, meet your application deadlines and get prepared for something you will never forget.

The most important thing is that your time abroad will have both its highs and lows, but no matter what happens, you will have experienced the journey of a lifetime.