By: Nicole Godnick

*Warning: A few spoilers ahead*

“Midnight Mass” is a new “limited series” on Netflix that has been gaining popularity lately and has even made an appearance on the Netflix “Top 10 in the U.S.” list. The show was mainly produced by Mike Flanagan, who also produced the popular Netflix shows “The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor.”

The supernatural series takes place mainly on Crockett Island, a small island off the U.S. mainland with a population of only 127 people. “Midnight Mass” mostly follows the stories of Father Paul, who is a priest just visiting Crockett Island to take the place of the previous priest who “fell ill” and Riley Flynn, who recently returned to the island after a DUI accident sent him to prison.

Crockett Island is an ordinary town, at least until Father Paul’s arrival. Once he arrives, strange “miracles” start to happen. One character who was previously paralyzed can suddenly walk again and another character’s mother is starting to physically age back to her younger self.

The series plays with a darker side of religious scripture, twisting the words of the bible to benefit the “horror” theme of the show. At first, the plotline of the show seems to have no singular path but in the end it all ties together to create an unexpected ending. When thinking about the name you would think it would be a somewhat “holy” show — but it is far from it. 

The show portrays many different churchgoers and their different levels of belief. Some would do anything for their faith while others question what is taught in the bible. The show’s main theme circulates around how religion does not determine your morality. That belief cannot wash away all sins, and when one believes blindly in God it becomes dangerous and can turn a church into a cult, like Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple. We see Father Paul test his church’s faith to see just how far they would go for God.

 If you are reserved about watching the show because of its religious ties, I wouldn’t worry. The show focuses more on philosophical themes than religious ones. The show challenges the beliefs it portrays and makes you think from a different perspective and question what you believe in. If you have not watched the show yet I would highly recommend it.