by Christian Redl

Rating: ***

Ellie Goulding is staking her claim as the queen of electro with her second studio album, Halcyon. Hypnotically combining glitch, dubstep, pop synths, and her iconic vocals, this album is undeniably her best work yet.

Launching into stardom after snatching up the love of current hubby Skrillex, Goulding fittingly delivers an album worthy of her newly found fame. The deep synths often associated with her partner’s genre resonate on tracks like “Figure 8” and “Hanging On.” This is just the beginning of Ellie Goulding’s electronic experiment.

Halcyon is ultimately a journey through the progression of synthesized music, led by a bi-polar captain, ebbing and flowing between a variety of tempos and moods. As quickly as the album crescendos, it crashes into dark ambience, which demonstrates Ellie’s growth as an artist and her bravery to venture into areas unknown. Her combination of acoustic instruments with club beats is fresh and invigorating, leaving the people excited for what’s to come in the future from this British babe.