by Nicole Allen

via Pinterest

Halloween is approaching and with that comes the task of trying to find that perfect original costume without breaking the bank. Here are five costume ideas for whatever you’re trying to strive to be this Halloween.

For BFF’s: Cher and Dionne from “Clueless.” As an ode to the 90s cult classic this costume is easy and simple to construct. All it takes to pull of Cher’s look is a plaid skirt, plaid blazer, white Cami, yellow cardigan and knee height white socks. For Dionne’s outfit simply pair a black and white plaid blazer and skirt with a red cardigan and white camisole.

For couples: Barbie and Ken. The insanely popular “Mattel” dolls are simple to pull off for this Halloween. For Barbie’s classic look just buy a hot pink dress, a blonde wig and heels. For Kens look wear a blue polo shirt. Scarf, and shorts.

Cute: Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” To get Hepburn’s iconic Holly Golighly look simply wear a black dress with black heels and pull hair into a top knot bun. Add a small tiara and pearls to get the full effect.

Scary: The Joker from “Batman.” To pull off the Jokers chilling look spray paint hair green paint face white and lips red. To complete the look wear a purple shirt, green vest and orange pants.

Group costume: Alvin and the Chipmunks. This costume is simple and easy to make. Each person will need to buy either a red, blue or green shirt. For Alvin buy a fabric letter “A” from a craft store or if possible paint the “A” on the shirt with paint. To complete Alvin’s look also buy a red baseball cap. For Simons look just simply add glasses. To finish off the chipmunks look pair the tees shirts with leggings, pants or shorts. To get the full effect add chipmunk animal ears.

Halloween only comes once a year. For this Halloween don’t stress about trying to find the perfect costume when it is easier and more cost efficient to make the perfect costume.