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By Silvia Marin

Midterm week can be really stressful and overwhelming. You spend a lot of your time studying, pulling all-nighters and drinking coffee, all while trying to keep up with assignments for other classes.

The good news is midterms are over and it’s time to relax. There are several things you can do in the following weeks to help you destress from exams and focus on doing things you enjoy.

Go enjoy nature. Fortunately, the Mount is right by the Hudson River and surrounded by several hiking trails. Across the bridge is Hudson Highlands State Park, known for its various hiking trails meant to appeal to hikers of all levels, and down the road is Storm King State Park. Hiking after exams helps you release stress through exercise while enjoying popular scenic views. This is also the perfect time of year as it’s comfortable weather for hiking and you’ll be able to enjoy the fall foliage. If you don’t like hiking, find a walking trail where you’ll still enjoy nature.

Take some time to enjoy a meal with friends. There are several dining spots around campus where you can go and reward yourself for your hard work. The waterfront has great restaurants, like Billy Joe’s, where you can enjoy a meal, listen to music and spend time with friends. If you prefer something quieter and more comfortable there are also cafes like Ms. Fairfax on Liberty Street where you can try healthy meals, catch up with friends or take time for yourself.

Participate in on-campus events. These next couple of weeks, there are exciting events happening at the Mount. On Thursday, Oct. 26, Mount Olympics will be taking place in the Kaplan Recreation Center. This could be a good way to get to know people in your class and let off some steam through friendly competition with the other classes. Then on Saturday, Oct. 28, you can take part in the 22nd Annual Bonfire, which will be taking place in the Guzman Hall parking lot. For more on campus events, check out the school’s website.

Take time for yourself. There’s nothing like a little bit of TLC. Pamper yourself by drinking lots of water, exercising and meditating. You have been spending most of your time focusing on exams, which can result in you paying less attention to yourself. Start doing something you enjoy or pick up the hobby that you put on hold. The stress from these last few days can mess with your health, so it’s important that these following days you are especially taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

If you continue to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, contact the Mount Counseling Services through email or by calling 845-569-3115.