The Elite Knight Trends Club (Photo courtesy of Elite Knight Trends)

by Christine Urio

Established last year, Mount Saint Mary’s Elite Knight Trends (EKT) is a club that provides an environment where individuals can freely express themselves through fashion.

Whether it’s discussing trends from different cultures or a member’s personal style, EKT gives students an opportunity to come together and meet with others who share this passion.

Inspiration for the formation of Elite Knight Trends stemmed from the absence of fashion being offered on campus both as a major and as a club.

“I have always had an interest in fashion,” Willis said. “Many of my peers noticed it and I decided there should be a change because I felt as if there were people here with just as much interest in it as myself.”

The club has many aspirations, and wants to collaborate with various organizations, such as the Career Center and the Mount Messenger.

Willis “hopes to have a panel on how to dress for career scenarios and careers in fashion,” as well as “a possible picture magazine launch and shopping trips with student activities.”

“I am very excited for future EKT events,” said Secretary Lisbel Tavarez.

The club also strives to participate in clothing drives and swaps, fashion shows, and seminars on makeup, designing clothes, and showing self expression through fashion.

According to Willis, it is important for the college to have a fashion club because “everyone on campus wears clothes which means that they would somewhat have an interest in them. Everyone likes to looks nice as well. I feel that a fashion club consistently gives you that ‘getting compliments on your favorite article of clothing’ feeling.”

The club is a lot of responsibility, but it is the type of responsibility Willis likes:

“Since I enjoy the topic of the club it does not stress me out at all…I have spoken with officers of different clubs as well as the officers, who are now graduates, of the Fashion club that was previously held here and I took what they said into deep consideration to develop my own style of how I would like for this club to end up, and if things fall into place this club will definitely have its place in MSMC history—this could definitely be the beginning of a legacy.”

Willis describes their meetings as a “free flowing lunch table discussion with friends minus the food…we are all just a group of people with the same interest and willing to discuss it.”

When asked how he felt about the club, Vice President Danangelowe Spencer said, “Excited is an understatement. I know this club will make a change on our campus but I do not mind starting off by making a statement.”

The club meets Mondays at 8 P.M. in Hudson Hall room 102. All are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to join the club.