by Nicollette Roland

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October is officially around the corner and so is candy season.

October is known as candy season because one of Americas most celebrated holidays known as Halloween is this month. The main aspect of Halloween is to dress up, trick or treat, party, and eat tons of candy. Some favored candy includes: candy lollipops, candy eyeballs, candy brains, candy lips, candy corn, and candy apples. Even though it may taste great, it isn’t always the best for you.

Candy is sugar, sugar is calories and calories are fattening if they are not good ones. So, this candy season beware!

Now do not starve yourself of all candy and pumpkin spiced flavored things, but instead try consuming less. Try to replace candy that you would eat with sweet fruits. Try frozen sliced bananas dipped in chocolate! You can even make them look spooky and put an eyeball design on them with the chocolate.

Make funky teeth using two slices of apples with peanut butter for gums and use marshmallows for teeth.

Just by replacing some of the sugar in your Halloween diet with fruit is much better for you and your stomach will thank you later. So this candy season, take the time to look up healthier recipes that you can use in place of candy for a healthier you!