Calorie Counter
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by Brittany Ambrosino 

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh god, another fitness app? Don’t try and fool me.” Well, trust me, I’m not. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re a veteran, Calorie Counter is just the app to help you with all of your health and fitness needs!

Created in 2014, Calorie Counter is the new leading calorie counting service on iTunes. With Calorie Counter, you’re able to log what you eat, the amount of water your drink, and your activity for the day. Once you plug in your height, weight, and goal weight, Calorie Counter gives you an appropriate calorie intake for your day. When logging your food, Calorie Counter gives you the option to manually log your food or log it by voice. With the touch of a button you can say everything you had for a meal and Calorie Counter will calculate the calories you had in that meal.

My favorite part of the app is the easy food search engine. You can search any food, drink or restaurant and the app will tell you on a scale from A to F what the food ranks in health. It makes choosing food when dining out a breeze because you can type in any food from any restaurant and Calorie Counter will give you all of its nutritional facts. When shopping for food, Calorie Counter also provides a barcode to scan foods and give you a nutrition grade as well.

One last perk of this fitness app is the support you get from other users. At the end of every day, you submit your daily log so Calorie Counter can keep track of your eating and fitness. You have the option to write notes on it before submitting it to the app’s public feed. You then can read other people’s struggles and tips, as well as what they’ve eaten. It provides some great recipe and meal ideas to help keep you on track and the support from other users is a great bonus!

Calorie Counter has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, on The Today Show and MSNBC. With all its amazing features, its recognition is hardly a surprise. The app keeps your fitness journey fun, easy, and enjoyable. Calorie Counter is the perfect solution to all your dietary and healthy lifestyle needs!