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By: Laura Wetherbee

Adam Alter’s new book, “Irresistible,” is now available to rent from Mount Saint Mary College’s (MSMC) Kaplan Family Library.

Discussed in the book are behavioral addictions and the modern dilemma of technology addiction. It is a necessary read because many are unaware of the control electronics have over us.

“Irresistible” talks about all the latest social media apps, Netflix, music and video/computer games that are extremely relevant to college life. It starts off by explaining how the iPod and iPad are revolutionary tools that changed the way humans interact – yet Steve Jobs and other CEOs have not allowed their own young children to use them. Why is that?

Truthfully, this kind of technology is so new that we don’t really know the long-term effects they may have on children born into a world surrounded by devices. Alter supports his beliefs with scientific research, asserting that children under 2-years-old should have no “screen time” at all.

The book goes into detail about the rise of Internet addiction, including some of the resources available for people seeking treatment for addiction to the Internet and “video-gaming.” Alter explains how Internet addiction is different than a drug addiction; drug addicts can escape the drugs, however, the Internet is constantly around us.  People need to log online for various resources or to check their email, so there is virtually no excuse for lacking Internet access anymore.

Alter relates Internet addiction to behavioral addictions such as gambling and exercising. A most shock revelation from this read was when Alter divulged research that shows nearly 40 percent of Americans suffer from some type of Internet-based addiction.

Technology is here to stay, and it is up to all individuals to understand how it can control the human mind.  Go to the Library under the “Offices” tab on the MSMC portal, and see when