By: Michael Porter


Sneakerheads are truly some of the craziest people in the world. With the prices of designer footwear on a steady incline, how much is too much? $400? $800? $1,000? A true sneaker fanatic will rarely shy away from any price when it comes to their favorite shoe. If you’re going to spend big on a premium pair, you owe it to yourself to preserve their value and condition.

Keep the Original Box

While many non-sneakerheads will toss the box to a new pair of shoes, keeping the box can preserve both value and condition. Some sneaker boxes have a market of their own such as designer brands and vintage big brand boxes. 

Use Protective Sprays

Certain sprays like “Crep Protect” claim to make your shoes invincible, however it is important to consider the damage that the spray can do to the material of the shoe if reapplied too many times. Foot Locker employee Caesar Caleb claims that after applying this product, he can “spill anything from soda to ketchup on shoes and it will just drip right off.”  These sprays are a must on any shoe that is going to be worn during inclement weather. It also helps to fight against deep scuffs or stains.

Replace Original Insoles

Replacing the original insoles is a smart move if you plan on reselling the shoe one day because when that time comes, you can insert the original insoles back into the shoe with their emblem/ design perfectly preserved. Fancy insoles with any type of logo or writing on them typically fade completely within the first two wears. 

Clean Your Shoes After Every Wear

You get what you put into a sneaker. If you lightly scuff the shoe while it is on your foot, simply wipe it off before they go back in the box. The best time to handle anything that happens to a shoe is 4-6 hours after it happens as stains and scuffs set very easily.

Preserve Your Soles

Soles are the easiest part of the shoe to wear down and essentially ruin. “Soleprotector” is a thin layer of plastic that is mended to the bottom of the shoe with a sealant and a heat gun. Using this product ensures the preservation of the sneaker’s sole, keeping the “deadstock” look in tact after countless wears.