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By Tori Kuhr

In an opportunity to get the scoop on questions everyone asks college students, two students, MSMC Sophomore Rosemarie Budhwa, an English major with a double concentration in writing and creative writing, and Junior Derek O’Hanlon, an Information Technology (IT) major with a double concentration in networking and cyber security, allowed me to sit down with them to see what they thought about Mount Saint Mary College.


Question 1: Is your gender considered the majority or minority in your major?

R: “Majority.”

D: “Majority. Typically IT has been a male dominated field, and over the past few years more and more girls have been entering it, which is good.”


Question 2: How do you feel about attending a mostly female-populated school?

R: “No preference.”

D: “Don’t really care.”


Question 3: What was it like living in a same-sex building your first year?

R: “It was interesting. There were too many girls at points, and it was weird because boys were typically across campus, and just to hang out it was weirdly spaced.”

D: “It was weird because I came from a mostly female household and I learn guys are pretty messy and loud and I don’t like that.”


Question 4: What are your favorite aspects about the college life?

R: “Clubs and professors.”

D: “Campus ministry, the IT office and the murders of crows that live on campus – it reminds me of living on the farm.”


Question 5: What are your least favorite aspects about the college life?

R: “Walking to the third floor of Aquinas. I dislike the stairs of DC and 8 a.m.s”

D: “Evening classes, myITlab and Pearson.”


Question 6: How do you get along with the opposite sex? Do you have more friends that are male or female and why?

R: “[I get along] with people who are my friends…but it’s more difficult to talk to them if I don’t know them. More female, just because there are more females on campus so I know more.”

D: “Gender never factors in to how I get along with someone, it’s personality that matters. Female because I have more feminine personality traits so it clashes with my male counter parts.”


Question 7: What’s your favorite place to eat on campus? What’s your favorite place to eat off campus?

R: “I don’t have one for either.”

D: “The View because I really like omelets; I think they’re Egg-cellent. I don’t have a preference off campus.”


Question 8: How into campus events are you?

R: “It depends on the events. I’m more inclined to go to events that are convenient in time and are advertised a lot with information.”

D: “Let’s just say, I put the ‘I’ in Bingo.”


Question 9: Who’s your favorite professor on campus and why?

R: “Dr. Entrekin. First off, he’s just an amazing person. Second of all, he’s really nice to all his students and is genuinely concerned about his students. I feel like I can go to him about anything and he’s someone I can joke with.”

D: “Dr. James Finn Cotter. He embodies the Victorian ideologies expressed in literature. Furthermore, he ignited my passion for literary analysis.”


Question 10: Any closing remarks?

R: “Shout out to Dr. Shea for dealing with me in all of his classes this semester.”

D: “To my beloved boss, Roger: I told you someone would be stupid enough to write down what I have to say. Also, come to Knight Awakening.”