by Brittany Ambrosino


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Tori Kelly has secretly been on the music scene for years now. It wasn’t until recently, though, that she got her big break with singles like “Nobody Love” and “Should’ve Been Us.”


Tori Kelly is the perfect new addition to music industry, and here’s why:


#1: Her Voice

If you haven’t listened to her, stop reading this article, open up YouTube, and look up her recent 2015 MTV VMA performance of “Should’ve Been Us.” This girl slays any song she sings, and her vocal range is absolutely incredible. Her performance wasn’t full of glitz, glam, or dead pets, (yes, we’re referring to you, Miley Cyrus) but was stripped down and truly showed off her insane vocals.

#2: Her Personality:

She’s humble, which is something very rare in the music industry. She knows what it’s like to work your way from the bottom. Now 22, Tori started posting videos of herself singing on YouTube at age 14. In 2013, after seeing her videos, Justin Bieber’s manager found her and signed her to Capitol Records. Her debut album came out this past year. Through it all, though, Tori has shown nothing but kindness, love, and a personality anyone can get along with.

#3: She opened for Sam Smith… and made him cry

I mean Sam freakin Smith, do we have to say anything else? Tori got the opportunity to open for Smith. He told her he loved her song “Paper Hearts” and that he cried during it! If anyone can make Sam Smith cry tears of joy, they deserve a gleaming spot in music entertainment.

#4: Her favorite food is pizza

That’s all.

#5: She’s just like you and me

Scratch out the VMA and Billboard award performances, having the same manager as Justin Bieber, writing a song with Ed Sheeran, and opening for Sam Smith, she’s pretty normal, right? What’s different about Tori is that she started as a normal teen and worked towards her dream. She’s proven that anyone can end up like her if they set their mind to it. Her relatable personality and lovable voice makes her a force to be reckoned with.


If you haven’t’ checked out Tori Kelly, what are you doing? Go look her up now, you won’t regret it!