(Photo courtesy of Facebook.com/msmc.compliments)

by Margaret Torresson

After an interview with MSMC Compliments, an anonymous Facebook campaign run by someone here on the Mount Saint Mary College campus, light was shed on the account and what they are trying to do as an online complimenting page.

Mount Messenger: What is MSMC Compliments?
MSMC Compliments: MSMC Compliments is a social project that was originally started by students at Queen’s University. We aim to spread joy and love to the Mount Community. Simply inbox a compliment or a message of appreciation that you may have about a member of the Mount community and have it published here anonymously. So if there is something nice you have to say about someone but don’t feel comfortable saying it to their face, inbox away. Your name will be kept anonymous.

Mount Messenger: When did you start the page?
MSMC Compliments: The page was started in 2012 by a group of students. Since then, it has been passed down to a new group of students. Once we graduate, we will each choose a new student to take on our role.

Mount Messenger: Why did you start the page?
MSMC Compliments: The page is meant to spread love, joy, and happiness. In these days, anonymity is a dangerous weapon, where people hide behind a computer and lash out at each other. MSMC Compliments is a great way to go against the norm of cyber bullying and spread love.

Mount Messenger: How do people send in compliments?
MSMC Compliments: Simply friend us and message us. We will copy and paste your compliment and tag the person for you. Sometimes, even if you know the person well, it’s fun to send a compliment through us to brighten that person’s day. It is just so unexpected that it seems more genuine.

Mount Messenger: Do people send in compliments about themselves?
MSMC Compliments: No one has sent in a compliment about themselves thus far, but if they did, we would let them know that we won’t post it. Sometimes, we post compliments about each other (the people involved) to alleviate any suspicion.

Mount Messenger: Do you post all of the compliments that you receive?
MSMC Compliments: We do not post all of the compliments that we receive. We like to make sure that it is a genuine compliment, so we make sure that it’s not sarcastic, it’s not harassment, and it’s not derogatory. For example, if someone were to send a compliment saying, “BLANK is so sexy,” we would ask them to reword it or we won’t post it.

Mount Messenger: Are the compliments anonymous? If so, can people say that they want it to be known that they sent it in?
MSMC Compliments: We can see who sends the compliments, but we post them anonymously. At first, we were worried about seeing someone compliment one of us, but it hasn’t happened. If people want their compliment to have an author, they should use another medium. We are strictly an anonymous page.

Mount Messenger: Are you willing to, or will you ever say who is running this page?
MSMC Compliments: The only people that will find out who is running the page is the next generation of students who will take it on once we graduate.


To send or receive compliments, be sure to add them as a friend on Facebook, message them a compliment, and allow yourself to spread the love!