Taylor Swifts's "1989" album cover. (Photo courtesy of josepvinaixa.com)

by Dylan Simonelli

Taylor Swift is shaking off country music and trying on pop music for a new look, which seems to fit her just great. Taylor Swift’s new pop album “1989” was not much of a surprise after hearing tracks like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “22” on her last album “Red.”

It is not clear whether or not some of Taylor’s songs on “1989” are about any of her exes, but one thing is for sure: she has definitely found a new love since Harry Styles. In the opening track “Welcome to New York,” Taylor is declaring her love for New York and all of the magic it has to offer.

You can see that Taylor is a changed woman ever since her move to New York last winter with lyrics like “When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors/took our broken hearts put them in a drawer.” Behind the fun beats of the song, Taylor is saying that past loves are not concerns of hers anymore and that she is very optimistic about her future.

Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” is also not about one of her many ex-boyfriends like many listeners might think. The song is actually rumored to be about fellow pop artist Katy Perry. This is the first time Taylor has ever called out another female artist on one of her records. But don’t worry, the song is just as catchy as many of her past tunes where she talks about old boyfriends.

The hits just keep rolling in for this girl. Taylor is dominating the iTunes charts right now with six songs off of “1989” on the top 20. “Bland Space” is likely to be her next hit, since it has been sitting right under her carefree song “Shake It Off” at number two since the album came out on Oct. 27.

Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with. Her album is likely to sell over one million copies by the end of the week and probably won’t move from its number one spot on iTunes for a while.