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By Alberto Gilman

Every couple of months throughout the year, a defining moment, a trending topic, a new discussion, a new attention grabber gets people talking, creating a mass following. With films, thousands of fans and film buffs flock to the theaters for the messages, views and powerful characters that are able to pull the watcher in and change the way that we view the world.

Right from the opening scene, “Black Panther” is a thrill ride packed with action, wonderful characters, and bringing about a powerful message into the film industry.

Actor Chadwick Boseman plays King T’Challa of Wakanda, who assumed the new role of king after the recent passing of his father. The events of this current film follow the events that unfolded in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.”

Upon stepping into the new role, T’Challa, gets right to work to help maintain and rule as a just and wise king, following his father’s legacy. As a new king he will face many obstacles and challenges, but through the guidance of others and his moral sense of duty T’Challa embarks on a journey of growth and learning.

T’Challa, as the Black Panther, helps prepare for the coming days when an imminent threat is supposed to arrive. Though he does not know what threat is coming he is always on guard. Elsewhere, T’Challa, as Wakanda’s sole protector, will stop all threats, even those threats that Wakanda and the past had made.

As T’Challa is in pursuit of his father’s killer, he meets a rogue mercenary, Erik Killmonger, played by actor Michael B. Jordan, who wants revenge on Wakanda. Killmonger and T’Challa are cousins, and Killmonger blames T’Challa for his hardships life. While T’Challa grew up with a cared for and rich, Killmonger grew up poor in the streets and had to struggle.

In the end, Killmonger was defeated and T’Challa vowed to rule with truth and justice for all both in Wakanda and across the world.

As a film buff, this movie is a must see by everyone because it is such a story. For many minority actors and film imagery, this movie completely flipped that dynamic.

This movie is made up of a very powerful and influential African-American cast with many of these actors having success in many films. The depiction of the African culture in the movie caught the eyes of myself and thousands of others who praise it for being so well portrayed. The setting of Wakanda as a metropolis in Africa was also very interesting to see in the movie.

The imagery that the director brought to this movie created fantastic sequences and settings that would leave the crowd amazed. The cast also included many female leads that many people appreciated and saw as empowering for women of all ages and races anywhere.

Named the highest grossing Marvel hero movie to date now, with a current domestic total of $674,768,555 according to, the social impact it has brought to our current generation is one that praises black culture and looks at black culture today, and gives minority actors and actresses the hope for change in this industry and in society.

For African-Americans who have not seen very positive or much cultural impact today, “Black Panther” is a prime example of what the future can lead to for generations to come.