by Amy Rice

Rating ****

Over the past few weeks, Country singing sensation Taylor Swift debuted several new songs off her upcoming album, RED.  “We Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together,” “Begin Again,” “Red,” and “Ronan,” quickly climbed their way to the top of the pop charts, making numerous appearances on the radio.

The singles off of Red, which is hitting the stores on October 22, has gotten mixed reviews from critics.  However, Swift has so far stayed true to herself and her fans by writing the relatable, upbeat, and romantic songs they have come to love.

“We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (like ever) is a new look for Swift.  She ditched her country persona for a hard-hitting pop gaze, and released the anthem of a million broken-hearted girls. The tune combines funny remarks such as “This is exhausting you know?” with a vision of thousands of screaming fans chanting, “We are never ever, ever getting back together!”  Luckily, the love story continues in Swift’s second single release, “Begin Again.”

“Begin Again” is a toned down, soft, melodic tune about finding love after a devastating heartbreak.  Swift sings, “In a café, on a Wednesday, I watched it begin again.”

“Red”, one of the most recent singles to be released from the album, has star potential.  Swift returns home to her upbeat country attitude as she jams out about a boy that she claims was like “Driving a new red Maserati down a dead end street.”  She recalls the impossibility of getting over this love, but the excitement the relationship brought to her life.  “Red” is the perfect road trip with the windows down kind of song—if only it was released during the summer!

Although Swift is most well known for her break-up and love songs, she turns the table with a new song, “Ronan,” dedicated to a four-year-old boy who lost a battle with Cancer.  With lyrics like “No one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died,” “I remember bare feet down the hallway,” and “You were my best four years,” it is impossible not to feel the emotion behind the chords.  Although moving, this is a nice change of pace for Swift.

This is just one girl’s very, very biased opinion on Ms. Swift’s new singles but, I think a few million will agree!