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By: Belle Frank

It is 2019, and the Jonas Brother have finally ended their six-year hiatus.

The band split back in October 2013 with the three brothers wanting to venture down individual paths, eager to tackle the industry from a different vantage point. Nick and Joe Jonas wound up testing the waters with their own solo careers in music: Joe joined the group DNCE for a time, and Nick released a hit album “Nick Jonas X2.” Kevin experimented with show biz, starring in his own reality TV show, “Married to Jonas,” with wife Danielle, as well as in a season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Nevertheless, the world was not through with the Jonas Brothers, and now, it seems they are ready to comply. On Feb. 27, every one of their social media accounts suddenly blacked out, leaving fans to wonder: Was a new era coming for the Jo-Bros? They waited with baited breath.

The brothers responded by dropping a brand new song called “Sucker” on Feb. 28 at midnight. As to be expected, it was an immediate hit. Less than 12 hours after it was released, it became the number one song on Apple Music.

That same day, the group also released a music video to accompany their new pop single. Set in a lavish castle, the video features the wives and/or fiancés of the three brothers: Danielle Deleasa, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra. As of this writing, the video rests at 54 million views on YouTube, and they keep piling up.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about the group getting back together. The last time JB fanatics listened to new music from them was in 2013 with the album “LiVe,” so you can just imagine the explosion on social media.

Some tweeted about their excitement to hear their new style, such as Twitter user @kcuencs who posted, “Is it bad to wanna listen to old Jonas Brothers music and watch all their new interviews all day? Asking for a friend.” Others used humor to show their enthusiasm, like Twitter user @emma_toney asking, “Does the Jonas Brothers reunion have anything to do with the fact that Nick Jonas has to fund his nine wedding receptions?”

The group has not commented on whether they will be dropping more music or if this was a temporary congregation. On the evening of Mar. 1, they hosted a secret concert in New York City. Fans entered a contest to win tickets and learn the secret location. Regardless of what happens with the Jo-Bros in the future, for the time being, at least fans can lose themselves in the nostalgia and relish in the possibilities.