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By: Tori Kuhr

I had no idea what to expect while walking into MSMC Theater’s rendition of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had seen a couple of snippets of the original movie with two of my friends who were set to perform in the show, but I just could not quite wrap my brain around the actual concept of it all. I still have no capacity of doing so even after adding the viewing to my list of experiences. However, this did not prevent me from enjoying myself.

The night began with introductions, a tutorial about the process of audience participation, and perhaps the best part, an explanation as to why some members of the audiences were marked with a red V and others were not. The audience is supposed to use the props provided to feel more involved in the production, and are encouraged to scream vulgar statements at unfazed actors and actresses. Throwing bread is also permitted. As a result, the initiation period of the show was pretty awkward.

All marked audience members were called to the front of the room, given a random partner, had to hold a piece of licorice in between the partners’ mouth without dropping it, make a lap around the auditorium, and then pop a balloon. Everyone was laughing hysterically, although doing it was certainly more bearable and entertaining than watching it transpire.

Excitement was felt when The “Time Warp” played, the whole cast breaking out into a dance number. The energy built mirrored the overall tempo of the show. The cast did an incredible job mouthing all the words and acting out bits from the film with laudable precision.

Rocky was the first show I have ever sat through where there was consistent interaction with the audience. Many of the actors and actresses were making their presence known by slipping into the crowd, a couple times undetected, rewarding lucky members of the audience with their own personal show. I was selected a couple of times myself, along with a few friends. There was nothing awkward about this segment, with casual laughter from the crowd inspiring similarly casual dance maneuvers enacted by other members of the cast as they made their way to their next “victim.”

The entirety of the show was entertaining and fun. While I did not understand the plotline at all, neither did most of the characters. This seems to be the point—it is all about having fun. The welcoming environment was enough to make just about anyone convinced that Rocky is show that is worth seeing a second time in the future.