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By: Tori Kuhr

Christmas comes around once a year. It is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of the year, but for college students it could be a stressful time as cramming for final exams is concerned. One way to combat these negativities is to do what many people do: Make it festive time by decorating your dorm rooms before departing for winter break, with potential suggestions including (but not limited to):


  1. Adding mini pine cones in a cup painted green around your room
  2. Placing battery powered lights in a mason jar to light up the dorm
  3. Creating a wreath of ribbon
  4. Hanging stockings up
  5. Wrapping up the door of your room like a present
  6. Purchasing a Christmas bedspread
  7. Putting wrapped Christmas boxes attached to the outside of your door
  8. Stringing garland on the walls.

Ways to decorate a room are endless. Visiting websites like Pinterest and Tumblr are places for creative inspiration, providing especially unique ideas most people would never think of. These decorations could make you the talk of your floor or even suite if other rooms in your suite never thought of it.

Decorating your space brings flair to staying away from home, mainly if your family has certain traditions they do and you cannot be with them when these occur. This form of active participation in spreading holiday cheer can become a regular tradition made with a new, extended family.