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by: Kristen La Marca

On March 25, 2016 a big, fat Greek family took theaters by storm once again. A spin off of the original “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was created taking the name of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and it was nothing short of hysterical. A Greek family who is extremely tight knit came together once more to celebrate the love of family and new beginnings.

Over spring break, I had the pleasure of seeing this movie and although the movie rating was scored at a two it was definitely number one on my list! The movie opened with the loud, funny Greek family that captured our hearts in the first movie. Going on to tell the story of Toula’s, now college bound daughter and the difficulties of being a mother, a wife and a daughter herself. It then goes on to tell another story about Toula’s parents and how they were never officially married which brings on another wedding, coining the title of the movie.

Coming from a big Italian family, I thought nobody could top my crazy and loud family, but the Greeks are in a whole different ballpark. This movie shows the value of love for family, friendship and loyalty. Not to mention a whole bunch of baklava, breaking dishes and a lot of OPAA! out bursts. If you’re a John Stamos fan like me, you will also be happy to know that he makes a few short appearances throughout the movie as well. Go see the movie and be prepared to be a part of the fun that this big, fat Greek family brings!