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By: Tori Kuhr

The step-by-step guide listed below can be construed as common sense. Regardless, mistakes still happen, especially at The Mount. I remember receiving some of the following advice at orientation. Do let the following preventable mishaps happen to you:

  1. Always put water in instant “Mac and Cheese” before heating it up in the microwave. It doesn’t matter how many times someone says this, because at 2:00 a.m. someone is bound to forget. One person may be lucky and just burn their midnight snack. But someone else may not be as fortunate, and could end up setting the fire alarm off, forcing their whole building out into the blistering cold. Without water, the macaroni will burn. The same goes for ramen noodles.
  1. Don’t walk away from popcorn in a microwave. Some people may actually like it burnt. I’m not completely sure why, but leaving the popcorn in the microwave for the whole time will create a terrible smell when the popcorn is eventually taken out. This smell, unpleasant to say the least, lingers for a while as well.
  2. Don’t wait until the night before to study. It seems obvious, cramming all night for a test or quiz will, more times than not, lead to a bad day. Maybe this helps you do well a couple times on exams and projects. But doing this every time will exhaust you, causing you to lose energy and your will to be productive. Breaking up studying in intervals is easier is the more practical solution, to make sure you are the healthiest you can be, and have the clearest mind, for the long haul.
  3. Don’t do something just because your friends do it. Maybe it is them dragging you to an event on campus that does not entirely interest you, or participating in an activity you know is wrong. Friends can be great and terrible influences. It is not a bad thing, to attend an event by yourself because you want to. The goal is to make new friends, become involved, and learn something new which could become a new interest of yours. I met a friend at the Inflatable 5K because I went by myself, and now I cannot get rid of him if I tried!
  4. Don’t wear heels for the whole day. Regardless of your personal preference, the hills on campus are unbearable. I personally enjoy comfortable shoes when I am away from my dorm for most of the day. I also never want to accumulate blisters. Still, some heels look cute, and if you are willing to suffer the pain for beauty, then prepare to enjoy beautifully red, sore, and possibly blistered feet.
  5. If you choose to ignore my advice, there will ultimately come a time when these five examples will serve as the answers to questions you will most definitely have to ask yourself in the future.

But if you abide by the guideline of rules to follow now rather than later, you will not only have a fair shot at making it here at The Mount, but in the real world as well. The first step towards progress in any aspect of life is by first admitting that you are in need of assistance. As always, I am here to help.