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By Kimberly Kelly

Halloween is right around the corner, which means everyone’s picking costumes and planning wild nights. If partaking in the activities isn’t your cup of tea, another way to get into the spooky spirit is to sit down with your favorite treat and watch it all play out on screen. There’s an abundant amount of Halloween movies, but to save you time here’s a list of the top 5:

  1. Hocus Pocus: Originally released in 1993 is a classic Halloween comedy. Watch 3 witches try to fight their way to becoming immortal and a girl and a ghost work to stop them. It’s a great pick for a fun but chill night with friends.
  2. Halloween: If you’re looking for more of a scare this is the one for you. This horror classic grossed $47 million following its initial release in 1978. It’s one of the movies that invented the slasher genre.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas: One of Tim Burton’s most recognizable films, it’s the perfect blend of scary and festive. Featuring fantastic claymation and songs to sing along to.
  4. Halloweentown: This Disney Channel original is a staple in the must watch October lineup. Three siblings discover that their family are witches, and travel to the spooky magical town they originate from.
  5. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!: The Peanut Gang is ready for any celebration and Halloween is no exception. This wholesome classic is great for the entire family to enjoy.

Whether you’re staying in with good friends, movies and snacks, or planning a night fill of spooky scary shenanigans, make sure to have a happy and spooky Halloween!