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by: Angelique Suarez

Let’s be honest, we all know being a beauty lover can be a struggle at times and no one wants to wake up earlier than they have to get ready for class. As college students, we are always tired and want to get more sleep. Here are five beauty hacks that will give you more time to cozy up in your  bed.

  1. Q-Tips: Q-tips are a girl’s best friend when it comes to make up! It helps clean up eye liner and any mistakes you make along the way.
  2. A toothbrush: When you’re in a rush and your baby hairs won’t stay tamed, take a toothbrush spray it with hairspray and brush back.
  3. Lotion: Not only does this moisturize your skin, but if you buy your foundation too dark it can help lighten it by adding a bit to your mix.
  4. Forget the Tweezers: As Perfect you want your eyebrows to be they don’t need to be plucked everyday and if you make a mistake it can’t be corrected! Shaping your eyebrows a few times a month will keep them on “fleek.”
  5. Use multipurpose products: Look for products that do more than one job. This not only makes it easier to put on make up faster, but you also save a lot of money. For an example certain lipsticks or tinted lip balm can act as both a product for your lips and cheeks.

These are just a few easy beauty hacks for us beauty lovers. The main point is to look for products and tools that can do more than one thing and you’ll cut down on the huge beauty bag that you have to lug down to the bathroom every morning and you stay in bed a little longer.