Image courtesy of: wheattares

By: Angelique Suarez

If anything is certain, it is that not many New Year’s resolutions make it past January. Especially as college students, our priorities often change as the year progresses, where we start putting our original goals on the back burner to focus on trying to make it through the semester.

To make 2017 your year, here are four ways to remain loyal to your New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Write it down!

A majority of college students have some type of schedule or planner to organize their time during the semester. Listing out resolutions can make you feel more committed to achieving the goal. Say ‘going to the gym three times a week’ is a resolution you have. You would pencil in each of the days that fit best to meet this requirement. This process helps strengthen both time management and the will to stay motivated.

  1. Tell a friend

Telling a friend about your goals makes them seem more concrete. After sharing your intentions with someone, you will feel obligated to see your goal all the way through to prove to your friend how committed you were.

  1. Positive reminders

To constantly remind yourself why you set these resolutions in the first place is the smartest approach. You could write the reasons down on little post-its, visualize them in action or just simply think about why you are making the change and why it is important to stick it out.

  1. Be Patient

As many often say, Rome was not built in a day. For some, progress may be slow. But the return is worth the struggle. Patience is the key to success when it comes to resolutions, because making lasting changes are a timely matter.  So do not be too hard on yourself if others are reaching their desired results faster than you are.