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By Fiona Jamieson

The semester has been flying by, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While it’s exciting to take a breather from the incessant demands of college, Thanksgiving with family can be more of a stressor than a break.

As a college student, you’ll face a constant barrage of questions about classes, grades and future plans. You’ll receive bountiful unsolicited advice. It can be exhausting to be around family, but we at Mount Messenger aim to help.

Here are three tips for surviving Thanksgiving with your family:

Prepare mentally:
Because Thanksgiving can be so mentally draining, it’s important to take care of yourself beforehand and enter the day in the right mindset. Practice self-care the night before. Take a warm bath, do a face mask or drink some tea— anything that relaxes you and prepare you for the exhaustion to come.

Prepare your responses:
Take this time beforehand to prepare answers to questions such as “What do you plan on doing after college?” Never be afraid to shut down the conversation if it goes down an uncomfortable path. Prepare yourself with lines such as “Thank you for your opinion, but I’d rather not discuss this further.”

Really give thanks:
Appreciate the time you’re able to spend with the loved ones that you haven’t seen in a while. Try your best to enjoy their company and understand that not everyone is so blessed to be able to share this time with those they love. Express your gratitude for one another and make the most of the time you have with one another. Uncomfortable moments may happen, arguments may arise but it’s important to remember why you’re all there in the first place.