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    Top 3 Go-To Valentine’s Day Movies

    By: Kimberly Kelly Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time for plans to be in order. Going out to dinner is great, but sometimes staying in and watching a […]

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    Ralph Breaks The Box Office

    By: Alberto Gilman Six years in the making, the fans finally got the sequel they were hoping for: “Wreck it Ralph 2- Ralph Breaks the Internet”. Back in 2012, a […]

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    DIY Your Holiday

    By: Tori Kuhr With Christmas around the corner, college students want to enjoy the holiday with friends and family while off from school. Even while living on a limited college […]

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    MSMC’s 1st Talent Show

    By: Claudia Larsen Knight Notes hosted MSMC’s First Talent Show, Mount’s Got Talent, on Feb. 8 in the Aquinas Theater. The show was not just a showcase of student talent, […]

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    Letter to the Editor: Response About Campus Wifi

    Dear Editor: In regards to Victoria Kuhr’s November 2018 article, “What’s with the Campus Wifi?” I’d like to offer a response from Mount Saint Mary College IT. Feedback from the […]

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    5 Places to Relieve Finals Stress Off-Campus

    By: Sam Young As the semester comes to a close, most students find themselves bogged down by the anxiety of impending due dates for projects, papers, presentations and tests. It […]

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    Binge-Worthy Shows to Occupy Your Break

    By: Claudia Larsen Don’t know how to spend your break? Fearful for the impending boredom? Look no further, I have a solution for you: binge the heck out of Netflix. […]

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    TOP 10 Most Wanted: A Gift Giving Guide

    By: James McVey Is it better to give or to receive? Well, what about both? Despite there being different strokes for different folks, most of us can reach a consensus […]

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    Dear Addy: Finals Dilemma

    Dear Addy, This semester is in full throttle; I am falling behind in every aspect of my life. I just don’t think I’m going to pass my finals, and on […]

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